Fashion Village fashion retail which is PT. Sritex subsidiary has fashion, textile, and world army uniform business. These fashion wear products are produced by PT. Sritex and marketed with affordable price yet with international standard quality. We use qualified fabric, such as Cotton, Polyester, Georgette, Chiffon, Linen, and Rayon to guarantee our consumer’s comfort. Gradually, we expand our international market and we have reached to USA, Europe, Latin America (South America), Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia to market our products.

Succeeded to hit foreign market, Fashion Village which is established in 2003 intends to fulfill the domestic market’s need with a very competitive price. Fashion Village has three (3) basic markets, namely: army fashion, persada uniform (school uniform), and prasasti batik. Currently, we have 11 outlets spreading around Solo, Jogja, Sukoharjo, Karanganyar, Klaten, and Sragen.

Finally, our up to date and internationally qualified products supported by our competitive price can be the best solution to take. Hopefully, this information is able to be the acknowledgment that we have a domestic textile industry which can compete globally among others.